The Mela Group is a leader company in the sale and purchase of residential and commercial real estate, and in housing rentals for holidays in Northern Sardinia, Italy.

Years of experience in housing rentals real estate have allowed the growth not only at a national but also International level, aiming also at a top class clientele.

There are various types of target groups: investors in luxury homes and residential complexes, purchasers and tenants of commercial real estate, foreign tourists looking for a property for rent or for sale in the main towns in Sardinia, international investors who have decided to invest their capital in a tourist resort business, travel agencies and international estate agencies in search of a reliable partner for their clients and investors in residential and commercial land in Sardinia.

The Mela Group has among its strengths a wide range of residential and commercial properties in the most prestigious areas of Sardinia and an  assistance and advice service to meet your needs. The presence of specialized personnel in the financial sector will be able to offer a comprehensive investment property in Sardinia providing value-added solutions for customers

Depending on the target, the Mela Group is able to create a project tailored to the specific needs of each individual customer, accompanying them in all stages of the investment: from phase zero of the choice of the type of property, to the following stages which consist of furnishings, curtains, plumbing and customization of the property.

The Mela Group staff boasts a high level of professionalism and organization to provide its target with a highly personalized “turnkeys” investment.

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