The Mela Group staff is made up of 20 people from different business fields who offer their expertise to ensure a high level of service to its customers. The experience, the know-how and the soundness of the Mela Group provides its customers with profitable investments in Sardinia and of high quality.

The Mela Group Management is as follows:

Mario Mela
General Manager, Owner and Founder Mela Group

Melania Mela
Head of sales

Gianna Mela
Responsible for property rentals

Paolo Virdis
Responsible  for commercial transactions

Antonio Mela
Responsible for clients’ reception and management

Mario Stangoni
Stefano Barbieri
Technical Managers

Mauro Mascarino
Financial Manager

Sara Oggiano
Franco Peru
Legal office

Luciana Sechi
Donatella Muretti
Administration Office

Alice Biosa
Public Relations

Oleksandr Radukhovskiy
Web Master

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