our quality
Our quality

The Mela Group has nearly thirty years of experience in italian real estate and tourism. The Group's objective is to meet  the needs of a demanding international clientele, offering already built residential and luxury villas or commercial projects to agree on and to build to meet specific requests, thus offering a satisfactory customized solution.

The Mela Group provides a high quality service to ensure regular care of the customer, from the moment of the first contact, the visit in Sardinia until the final conclusion of the contract. Even after the conclusion of the contract the Mela Group staff will be glad  to support its customers for every need and request.

The Staff of the Mela Group is committed to responding to requests received through the MelaGroup.it portal within 24 hours and it is also available in direct telephone contact for immediate needs and timely advice.

The Mela Group’s outstanding professionalism is always ​​available to the client throughout the for the whole period of the business relationship. Particular care and attention is given to his arrival in Sardinia for the necessary and recommended inspections and visits of the area. The Staff will arrange to welcome the client at the Sardinia airports of “Fertilia” in Alghero and “Costa Smeralda” in Olbia Tempio with private and comfortable transfer to the Mela Group's head office.

The outstanding professionalism of the Mela Group is made ​​available to the customer that can be seen at any time during the report. Particular care and attention is given to his arrival in Sardinia for the necessary and recommended inspections and visits to the area. Staff shall prepare transfer private and comfortable welcomes at the  Sardinian airports of "Fertilia" in Alghero and "Costa Smeralda" in Olbia Tempio, and the transfer to the Mela Group's head office.

On the way to our corporate head office, the person in charge of the first reception will describe in English, Russian or German, the views and the feature of the surrounding landscape, to favour the customer’s appreciation of Sardinia and its natural beauty. Once at the head office of the Mela Group the staff will show the daily plan of the client’s stay that will consist of the tour of the property / land, meetings with the staff for advice on investment and sightseeing tours in Sardinia.

The Mela Group will provide for the reservation of accommodation for a pleasant stay in Sardinia. We recommend a stay on the Sardinian island of at least three days in order to plan the various arrangements and recommended visits.
On the guided tours to buildings and / or land, the Mela Group staff will show all the characteristics of the property of interest and will offer all the assistance and advice necessary to get to know the Sardinian territory around and discover its potential and beauty.

Among the services offered by the Mela Group, there is also the processing of all the documents related to the lease or purchase of residential and commercial properties, and the provision of the necessary assistance and support advice over the whole development of the negotiation for the sale and leasing of the real estate, including a possible financial advice.

After long decades of experience in real estate and tourism in Sardinia, the Mela Group has the potential to provide its customers with a guaranteed income on goods purchased in the towns of Olbia, Costa Paradiso and La Maddalena.

After years of collaboration with foreign agencies, the Mela Group is well structured for the reception of international customers who will be supported by staff able to speak fluently in: German, English, French and Russian.

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