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The group
The Mela Group, leading company in real estate in Sardinia, Italy was created  due to the entrepreneurial activity of Mr. Mario Mela, professional Surveyor.

In 1986 he took over the SERV.IS Srl company. This company dealt with the management of some real estate properties aimed at tourist purposes, located in the famous “Costa Paradiso”. This investment allowed him to invest in other tourist resorts in the North Sardinia, which resulted in a new real estate company. The Milan - based “Paradiso Real Estate Srl” was created, engaged in the sale of residential tourism resorts ​​directly built by Mela Group companies. Besides this it promoted and carried out real estate activities on behalf of third parties (as broker) in Northern Sardinia. The objectives that the Mela Group has pursued since 1986 are generating revenues and increasing the economy.

The Mela Group's objective is to build for an international demanding and top - class clientele, being careful to blend the work of man with the harmony of the natural landscape, preserving and ensuring a correct balance.

The Mela Group is a holding company active in the financial real estate services able to achieve relevant real estate projects, promptly and professionally responding to the needs of investors and purchasers. It is in this context that the Sardinia Real Estate Fund is created, a product intended to allow savers to invest profitably in real estate market tourist and hotel.

The fund promoted by the Mela Group consists of 7 assets related to hotel hospitality and tourist hotel accommodation: more than 125,000 square meters divided into the areas of La Maddalena (Punta Tegge), Alghero (Sos Pianos), Li Canneddi (Cala Rossa), Badesi (Sunset Village), Santa Teresa di Gallura (Lu Brandali), Budoni (Luna Jana) and The Paduledda (Isola Rossa).

The Mela Group has concentrated its investments in Sardinia, in particular in the north: from Alghero to La Maddalena, through Castelsardo, Costa Paradiso, Isola Rossa, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Palau, up to the Costa Smeralda. In over twenty years of business, the Mela Group’s is companies have created about 2,500 housing units in various residential complexes and groups of important villas.
The main activities of the Mela Group are enhancement of areas aimed at the construction, development, marketing and management of tourist complexes.

The Mela Group is an expert and reliable partner, active in tourist and hotel assets of great prestige: the main projects under development will give value to some of the most exclusive sites in Sardinia, offering top class accommodation and services for a class demanding and selected clientele, both at a national and International level.

Mela Group organization:

The Mela Group is now divided into a number of companies whose predominant economic activity is in the tourist sector / residential and tourist related services.

Sardegna House S.r.l.

Sardegna House S.r.l. focuses on value - adding operations of Sardinian areas and on the tourist and hotel Real Estate market, projecting important Real Estate plans, especially in the Northern coasts of Sardinia, Italy.
It coordinates over 200 Real Estate agencies across Italy, and is in charge of the management of the whole Real Estate asset (office and building) and properties. It also deals with real estate and commercial property brokerage of the whole Mela Group for which it is also engaged in Real Estate and tourist brokerage.

Mesa Immobiliare S.r.l.

The Mesa Real Estate company is engaged in Real Estate brokerage for leases and sales of apartments in Sardinia, offering its major investors relevant Real Estate transactions. This company also deals with the management of Hotel and Residential complexes.
The residential and hotel facilities built include: Weber Residence, I Giardinelli Residence, Marco Polo Residence, Residence Padule, Borgo Punta Tegge and Grand Hotel MA & MA. The Head Office of Mesa Real Estate is located on the Island of La Maddalena.

M.B.P Immobiliare S.r.l.

The M.B.P. Real Estate Company directly manages their accommodation facilities, essentially residences, and related services such as entertainment, shuttle buses to the beach, beach services and much more. M.B.P Real Estate also aims to develop real estate transactions addressed to an international clientele.
The company runs its business mostly in the seaside resort of Badesi (Olbia-Tempio) where the Costa del Turchese Residence is located. 
Olmedo and Alghero, in the province of Sassari, are other Sardinian towns of interest for the construction and management of residential properties.

Azalea S.r.l.

The Azalea Company carries out research and development of Real Estate operations in Sardinia. This research is mainly focused on the Sardinian resorts of Costa Paradiso and Santa Teresa in Sardinia and on the town of Stresa on Lake Maggiore, Verbania. The company undertakes major Real Estate transactions for high level investors.

Graniti Sistem S.r.l.

Graniti Sistem carries out Real Estate research and development activities  in Sardinia. The company focuses its research and achievement of real estate transactions for the Sardinian resorts of Costa Paradiso, Paduledda and Cala Rossa. The main targets of Graniti Sistem are large investors and purchasers of luxury villas.
The Real Estate properties built in the Sardinian resort of Costa Paradiso are the accommodation “Il Borgo dei Fiori”, “Sporting Residence”, “Belvedere Residence”, and “Baia del Sole Residence”. The residential real estate properties “I Delfini Residence”, “Le Onde Residence” and “Sa Ventana Residence” are located in Badesi.
The Company also has other residential properties under construction by at  the resorts of Cala Rossa and Paduledda.

Paradiso Costruzioni S.r.l.

Paradiso Costruzioni is engaged in the construction of residential buildings in agreement with the standards of sustainability and environmental protection regulations now in force. The core business of this company is the design and construction of exclusive villas and tourist residences throughout the North of Sardinia.

Serv.is 2000 S.r.l.

The Serv.is 2000 company directly manages its hotel and residential properties in the resort of Costa Paradiso, Sardinia. Besides the leases of single villas or residential apartments, the company also manages the related services offered to customers ( such as entertainment within the residence, shuttle buses to the beach, service and assistance on the beach). 

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